Under Eye Concealer

In my professional day life as a Recruiter, I am most often asked how to cover under eye circles.  I use one main product to cover my under eye shadows.  I call them shadows because that’s what they boil down to on my face right now, not really dark circles.  My HG under eye concealer is Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer in Medium/Tan.  I use the mixed pot that includes Medium & Tan to get the perfect color for my skin tone.  I dip my concealer brush into both sides very lightly to make the best color match for my skin.  I love this concealer! 

Here is a picture of the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer pot and below is a photo of me with Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer under my eyes.  I am also wearing her Au’ Natural Eye Pallette and Climax Pearlicious gloss – yumminess!

I thought about breaking out the naked face picture for comparison, but conveniently enough those pictures did not turn out well.  I am still figuring out my new camera so believe me, I’ll get there…just not today.

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04 2011

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    I might have to try this! I need some help with tired eyes. What kind of camera did you end up buying?

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