Holiday Lipstick

It’s the holidays folks and that means it’s time for parties, gatherings, dinners and happy hours.  Well, for me that’s all year round but you get what I’m saying.  We took our family Christmas Card photo tonight and that prompted me to pick up my go to holiday lipstick from the MAC Pro Lip Palette 6 Select Plums.

Here’s my look for our family holiday photo using MAC Hang Up and Urban Decay Naked palette…


12 2013

Red Lipstick

I noticed recently that I have been wearing nothing but nude lipstick.  Looks great, however it’s not versatile and I’m all about versatility.  I had lunch with one of my amazing girlfriends and we talked about our professional lives, music, makeup, conferences and more.  In the course of that conversation she told me about some red lipstick she wore one weekend in NYC.  She was totally raving about red lipstick and I immediately thought about my red lipstick stash.  I only have two true red lipsticks.  At that moment, I only owned MAC Red She Said (limited) and Cockney.  Both are solid reds, however I really wanted a deeper red and a matte red.  Next stop – the MAC store at Perimeter Mall.  I ran in and did what I call an express purchase.  I knew I needed my beloved MAC Wipes because I was completely out.

I stopped in the MAC store and purchased Ruby Woo (matte) and Dubonnet (amplified).  Both are amazing.  I took some quick picks of myself with my trusty iPhone and voila – red lipstick magic.  Many of you know that Ruby Woo is the color that truly put MAC on the map, it’s heaven in a tube.

Below is a picture of me with Ruby Woo and Dubonnet.  Both were taken the same night, I wore a different shirt in each picture to help differentiate the lipsticks and moreover, to help me remember which is which in the photo.

Check it out below….and go grab some Red Lipstick.

Pictured (L) MAC Dubonnet (R) MAC Ruby Woo

Peace, Glamour & Makeup


01 2013

Hydrating Dry Skin

I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas and during my time there, my skin was extremely dry.  On the 1st day I noticed a clear difference in the feeling of my skin against my clothes.  As a matter of fact, by day three there were noticeable scars in my ankle area because of the dry conditions.

I visit Vegas 2-3 times per year and each time my skin turns into a dry, brittle mess.  This time the high was around 50 degrees this time and the last time I went the high was 111.  Both times, my skin started screaming upon entry into the desert.

This time, I was prepared and brought along two different lotions to keep my skin hydrated.  I also brought along a tube of MAC Cosmetics Lip Treatment.  I neglected my skin on day one and went into skin care overload on the 2nd day.  Of the two containers of lotion that I brought along, one came out the winner – Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual (Jasmine Vanilla fragrance).  I put on two layers each day; one in the morning and one midday.  It truly worked wonders for me.

My skin is naturally dry and I use Curel daily while at home.  Vegas just requires a change in the regimen and more, thought out care for my skin.  I hope this helps those that are having issues with their skin.  I also drank a ton of water and showered with The Body Shop’s Satsuma Shower Gel.

Good luck to each of my dry skin sisters during these winter months.  Stay hydrated my friends…

Peace, love and makeup.


01 2013

Sleek Makeup – Oh So Special!

One of my YaYa Sisterhood friends took a trip across the pond to London last month and I asked her to bring back some Sleek Makeup goodies for me. I absolutely love the range of products they have as a drugstore makeup line. Their i-Divine eyeshadow palettes are great and their lipgloss is not very thick or sticky and it has staying power.

I asked my friend to purchase the following Sleek items and have a couple of pictures below.

Sleek Glossed Rumor
Sleek Glossed Whisper
Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special

Check out some pics below:



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